Junior Procedures

Junior Wet Weather Procedures

Friday night or mid-week cancellations – When closing fields clubs must contact Football Brisbane no later than 1:00pm on that afternoon. Contact the Junior Competition administrator on 3347 0005 or juniors@footballbrisbane.com.au

Clubs can advise if their fields are unplayable for Saturday and Sunday matches up to the end of business hours on the preceding Friday by contacting the FB Office.

If the situation arises where conditions deteriorate after this time, clubs are to SMS the Junior Competitions Administrator (0421 271 735) to discuss the options or via the following process after that time:

  1. FB will receive an SMS notification of field unavailability from the affected club by 7am. If a club has not closed their fields by 7am then it will be a Referees call, as to whether games are played or cancelled.
  2. FB will collate information for release on its website on a regular basis between 7:15am and 11.15am Saturday and Sunday.

It is therefore essential for clubs to do the following:

  1. Ensure your Contacts for Parent Organisation list is up to date in My Football Club (under the Organisation menu)
  2. Ensure the contact(s) has a mobile phone number listed within the My Football Club
  3. Ensure the receive SMS messages box for the contact(s) is ticked.
  4. Should this contact be unavailable, the club must have an alternative contact listed.
  5. The club is only responsible for notifying their own club members of field closures impacting their own teams.

DO NOT email any cancellation information after 1.00pm Friday.